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Europeans still planning to do more home improvement

During the past few months, European consumers have been spending more time at home. For about 20% of the households this resulted in doing more home improvement jobs than usual. This reflects in the positive turnover developments for DIY stores throughout Europe; in some countries even more than 30% growth. In our research we asked consumers if they are expecting to do more home improvement jobs in their houses than usual in the coming three months. On average, in 11 European countries, 17% of the households say they do, although another 15% is planning to do less. The most positive expectations have been measured in Austria, Belgium, Denmark  and Germany.

Consumers feel less comfortable to visit a DIY store compared to July

While in some regions the number of COVID-19 cases is increasing again, the fear of visiting DIY stores is slightly increasing as well. Nevertheless, the majority still feels comfortable doing so. Of the European consumers, 58% feels comfortable to visit a DIY store compared to 61% last month. When we zoom in on country level, we see that Belgium, Netherlands and Spain are feeling somewhat less comfortable to visit a DIY store in August than they did in July.

The European Home Improvement Monitor latest report focuses on purchase channels and the role of online stores. The study is held on a monthly base in 11 EU countries and surveying 26,400 consumers online per year.

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