Case studies

We realise that when commissioning market research or looking for a new research provider, you want to know that we have relevant expertise and proven results. We are rarely able to share ‘complete’ case studies due to client confidentiality, but we do want to give you a sense of the work we perform and the impact we have on our customers’ businesses.

Below is a sample of some of our client case studies. Many more are available as you browse our website. Alternatively, if you would like to talk to us over the phone, we would be delighted to tell you more about the work we have done in your areas of interest.

Case studies

Learn about the case studies and what challenges we overcame.

Case study


Our client, a leading Dutch construction company, was working on their positioning and marketing communication strategy for 2020 within the residential sector. The aim of the research was to segment their customer base in four segments and create personas to better meet customer needs in the future.

Case study

Product development

A European manufacturer of garden paving required support for their development of an innovative new tile. The project objective was to understand and define which developments in the product segment would have the greatest impact on customers with a focus on quality, scratch resistance, cost, overall appeal, easiness of laying, etc..

Case study

Market Entry

Een van onze klanten is een vooraanstaand merk van bouwmaterialen in de Verenigde Staten. Aangezien de Amerikaanse markt verzadigd en groei daar moeilijk te behalen is, wilde onze klant de Europese markt penetreren met het Amerikaanse assortiment. Omdat Europa nu eenmaal veel verschilt van de Verenigde Staten wat betreft concurrentie, groeiratio’s, marketing en sales, had onze klant een marktoverzicht nodig om te kunnen starten.

Case study

Customer Satisfaction

An internationally operating company for fitting technology and electronic locking systems aims to develop a marketing communication strategy for each business unit with the aim of improving marketing communication and thereby producing higher customer satisfaction, share of wallet, and loyalty. They see this as necessary, as their client base is decreasing, and competition is gaining market share.

Case study

Customer Journey Mapping

Onze klant, een multinationale fabrikant van elektra, heeft een sterke positie in de professionele (B2B) markt, maar niet in de consumentenmarkt (B2C).

Case study

Brand tracking

A leading supplier of door hardware and entrance systems, and a major player in access and security solutions is active in Europe with multiple pan-European brands, as well as numerous local brands. These local brands often have a long history and are therefore strong brands in terms of awareness and sales.

Case study

Brand positioning

Successfully positioning a brand requires consumer insight. Brands are owned in the minds of consumers, so unless you know how consumers perceive your brand and those of your competitors, you will not know which brand position (or unique value proposition/ unique selling proposition) is going to be most advantageous for your brand

Case study

Market size

A manufacturer of garden paving approached us to understand the opportunities in the garden paving market in several countries. The client wanted to understand what offer would be appealing to each market and what the potential sales could be when offering their current portfolio or with an additional type of tile.

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Customer satisfaction

How to increase your turnover through customer satisfaction?


The more distinct your brand is, the more valuable it will become.

Customer journey

A customer journey is a customer's personal experience with your company.

Product development

Provide your product development and design team with end-user insights

Market exploration

Gain the insights you need to be successful in new and potential markets


Pricing is and always has been the biggest profit driver. We help you setting the right prices for your product


Better understand the unmet needs of you (potential) customers, identify growth opportunities and reach your target group in an effective way.

Market size

Quantify the potential returns of your investment by understanding the market size and setting realistic sales targets for new and potential markets

Driver analysis

Know which elements of the customer experience have the most impact on overall satisfaction, recommendation, and retention.



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Case Studies

Market Research Case Studies and industry experience can bring background and thought to any research project.

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