Battery-powered garden tools on the rise


Powered garden tools over manual tools

As one could imagine, the majority of the garden owners likes to keep the garden in the best condition possible. One way of doing is this is to clean, to prune, to trim, to saw, and to fertilize on a regular basis. This could all be done by using manual tools, but using a powered garden tool might just make the task a bit easier.

European garden owner owns three powered tools

That is the reason why the European garden owner owns on average three powered tools. However, the number of owned powered garden tools is highly influenced by the size of the garden. In general it can be said that the larger the garden, the more powered garden tools are owned. People with a garden smaller than 25 sqm own on average 1.9 powered tool, whereas people with garden of over 500 sqm own almost 4 powered tools.

Hedge trimmer, grass trimmer and chainsaw very popular

The powered garden tools most often owned are the hedge trimmer, the grass trimmer, the chainsaw and the sprinkler. The snowblower is the least owned garden tool.

Majority of powered garden tools already electric

In Europe, the majority of the garden tools is already electric, being corded or cordless. There is one exception to this and that is the chainsaw, which is predominantly petrol powered. Grass trimmers and hedge trimmers are more often cordless compared to other powered garden tools.

More corded tools likely to be replaced with cordless variants

The majority of the powered garden tools is powered by electricity via a cord. However, it is expected that when the current corded products need to be replaced that almost half of them will replaced with cordless tools. This means that in the upcoming years we will see a serious increase in the number of cordless tools.

Increased battery quality and perceived benefits drive this shift

There are two main reasons for this shift. The first is that the battery capacity and power has increased in the past years, making a battery-powered garden a serious competitor for the corded tools. The second reason is that the garden owners are more and more aware of this increasing battery capacity and power and therefore now see more benefits than barriers to purchase it. The most perceived benefits are the unlimited range, the convenience and having power at places were no power outlet can be found

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